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The start of this week was an unusual one. Sunday I went off to my first archeological dig. The site is about 15-20km outside Axum on a promontory between two river valleys. It is thought to be a complex of buildings surrounding a temple from the 4th century BC from the pre Axumite empire period. The dig is run by archeologists from Naples who have been coming for years to explore the site. It was amazing to be able to get close to the walls of the rooms they are uncovering and see the pottery and animal bone finds that were coming up.


With my love of history it was also fabulous to be able to hear the explanations about what they were finding and how it related to the site. The beautiful views across the landscape where the harvest is gradually coming to an end were an added bonus.


Monday evening started with a drink after work with the peace corp volunteers here and, following a phone call, turned into dinner with the US ambassador who was visiting Axum for the day! Interesting discussions about women in university, healthcare, looted archeological treasures and the different types of development projects that countries are involved in. Also a very nice goat curry and some red wine to round the meal off šŸ™‚